American rapper Nipsey Hussle is under fire for homophobic Instagram post


The rapper is under fire for saying in his instagram that there are no powerful black men who are gay. Such a claim was branded as racist and homophobic at once. The photo seems to be taken at a demonstration and sees a room of all black men and male children wearing suits, and the rapper signed it: “Demonstration speaks louder than Conversation. They gone feed us every image of our men and boys but this one. No hyper violent…No homo sexual…No abandoners….JUS STRONG BLAC MEN AND YOUNG Men. RESPECT TO MY BIG HOMIE @bigu1 for Leading with love and intelligence. GOD IS WITH US WHO CAN GO AGAINST US”. Despite getting 48,143 likes his Instagram post is causing a great amount of controversy amongst his followers who insisted that being gay or straight does not define whether you are weak or strong. More shockingly though is the number of people supporting Nipsey and leaving abusive statements saying that gay men were ‘females trapped in male bodies’ and those who think differently ‘should go to hell’.


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