Anonymous Chechen woman challenges Kadyrov for gay persecution


A woman from Chechnya has confronted the President of the republic about his anti-gay policy and asked him to leave gay Chechen alone in a range of videos published anonymously. The woman tells the President that his folk is afraid of him. According to Kavkaz.Realii newspaper, the woman calls for the return of the abducted young Chechen who are still alive. She demands Kadyrov to stop mocking and targeting people for being the way they are. “You are unworthy to be the Head of the republic, you cannot even work as a shepherd – you could not keep a herd of sheep save until evening,” the woman says. Many of the victims of the anti-gay purge are too traumatised to speak of their ordeal. They fear telling authorities in the countries they have sought refuge in that they are gay, and believe it could put relatives back in Chechnya in danger.


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