HIV positive man spoke about tackling stigma


Andrew Gamez-Heath decided to reveal his status to all of his friends and family on Facebook three years after he discovered it for himself. The 34-year-old was inspired to tell his story partially because he works as HIV educator in health charity, Pinknews reports. For Gamez-Heath, he felt bad that he was hiding his status even among other HIV+ people for whose rights he fought, so he needed to speak out. Gamez-Heath wrote a lengthy and candid Facebook post about how he discovered his status and learned to live with it, how he became healthier, stronger and more confident regardless of his status. “I’m happy, healthy, my virus is undetectable and I can’t pass it on,” he added. “My life is no different from yours.” Gamez-Heath says that he is thankful as he hasn’t had one negative reaction, and the diagnoses actually made his relationship with his partner stronger. “He’s a nurse, he’s knowledgeable, he’s got his head screwed on and he was amazing,” the man says. For Gamez-Heath, he hopes that other people can take inspiration from his story especially those who may have just found out about their HIV status.


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