Justine Greening asks government not to halt her LGBT-related reforms


Ms Greening, the most senior out politician in the country, resigned from government this week after she was sacked as ecretary of State for Education and Minister for Women and Equalities and refused to move to another role. Ms Greening was present in the Commons chamber to urge Amber Rudd, who took her place, not to halt gender recognition reform and LGBT-inclusive sex and relationship education in the UK.“Can [Amber Rudd] confirm that the government will push ahead with updating the guidance that is now so out of date, and also if she will meet with myself, [Women and Equalities Select Committee chair Maria Miller MP], and also [Labour’s Sarah Champion MP], to make sure we can have a cross party support for the work that is being undertaken?” Greening asks. Rudd replied praising her predecessor for an amazing work she had done while on post, emphasizing how important the equality issues are for the British society and promising that she will try her best to finish what Greening has started.


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