Katie Hopkins has lost her appeal


Non-binary food blogger Jack Monroe won libel proceedings against Hopkins after she tweeted untrue claims about the vandalism of a war memorial and was awarded £24,000 in damages and £107,000 in court costs. Hopkins was unsatisfied with the decision and filed an appeal, but the appeal was also rejected. Lady Justice Sharp wrote in her verdict: “In my opinion, none of the grounds raised has a real prospect of success, and there is no other compelling reason why an appeal should be heard,” it means that Hopkins has no more right for an appeal anymore. Jack Monroe agreed to be referred to with female pronouns in the case, and so the judge’s ruling was as such. Mr Justice Warby ruled in the original case that “whilst the claimant may not have proved that her reputation suffered gravely, I am satisfied that she has established that the publications complained of caused serious harm to her reputation”.


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