Kylie Minogue shares some details about the upcoming new album


The Aussie pop diva is ready to please her listeners with the new album 3 years since her latest one was released. She shared that the new album is to be called Golden and it is inspired by the Australian LGBT community and fighting for marriage equality that was recently recognized in the country. “I went to Nashville for two weeks and that became the album. I did a lot of work on the album before that but Nashville had a profound effect on me,” she told Biz On Sunday, adding that almost all songs were based on real-life experience of herself or someone she knew, and that she was ‘doing things a little bit differently’ when she recorded them. “It was good. In the studio it’s a slightly weird concept to be spending seven, eight, nine hours in a room with people sometimes you don’t know. If you’re working with good people it’s the perfect place to deal with stuff,” the gay icon continued.


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