Munroe Bergdorf believes fashion industry has a transgender quota


Transgender model and activist Munroe Bergdorf has outlined how the fashion industry and media represent transgender community. “I am now in a more privileged position than most trans women of colour, especially most black trans women,” she assumes in her Twitter account. “Whilst I’m in this position I think it’s important to acknowledge how I can use this as a way to pull others up”. She added that she is an activist first of all but she is also a model who knows how the beauty industry works and she is not satisfied with everything there. “I want to outline some points in which these industries and the media can push things forward and utilise me as a catalyst for doing so… “Casting me does not fill your trans quota. We are not trends or tokens.” Going on she recalled that she is a binary light-skinned trans woman and the fashion industry totally ignores non-binary dark-skinned models. They do exist and Munroe knows some of them. “Am I the best person for this job? There are SO many amazing people in our community doing amazing things. I won’t be insulted if you ask me for an introduction or recommendation, I want us all to succeed,” she added.


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