UKIP politician apologized for mocking trans people


UK Independence Party politician Gareth Bennett, an Assembly Member representing South Wales Central, attracted heckles of anger with his speech in the Welsh Assembly last month and now he apologizes for it. But people don’t seem to believe his words. Presiding Officer Elin Jones said she would not allow him to speak at the chamber until he takes his words back but at first he refused to do so. And now he issues a statement that reads: “I refer to the point of order that was raised with you on 13 December last year. I’m sorry that people took offence at what I said and I wish to make it clear that I respect your authority as Chair. I do, however, stand by the views I expressed about the proposed changes to the gender recognition Bill.” The Presiding officer said that the apology is accepted and Bennett is now allowed to take a stand, however he should be more attentive to what, how and where he says, as a politician he is not allowed to discriminate against anyone.


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