Drag Race star Adore Delano faces a lawsuit


Drag Race star Adore Delano has been slapped with a lawsuit by her former management company, Producer Entertainment Group (PEG), against which the performer has filed a lawsuit of their own last year. Delano accused PEG of theft and fraud. According to TMZ, court filings said that the performer had earned $2.5 million in the past three years, but the company paid them only $300,000. Delano (out-of-stage name -Danny Noriega) said that PEG and the record label have simply stolen the rest, and it won’t be hard to prove it, the artist ensures. Writing in a statement, PEG said that the lawsuit was “frivolous”. “Producer Entertainment Group (PEG) remains under contract with Adore Delano (AKA Daniel Noriega). We are confident that this alleged suit, as PEG first became aware of it through a news agency and not formal service of process, will be found to be frivolous in nature. With respect to the allegations, they are categorically inaccurate in every regard, including Mr. Noriega’s income, expenses and PEG’s commissions. We maintain a professional, upstanding and successful relationship with our client roster and are dismayed by Mr. Noriega’s unfounded allegations. PEG would never take actions that are adverse to the careers of our artists and continues to work with Adore on existing business and engagements,” the statement reads. However, the judge ruled that neither of the sides will receive a financial compensation and the lawsuit was dismissed.


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