Friends moved to Netflix, watchers did not like it


‘I’ll be there for you’.. Most of us have sung that line. Most of us shipped Rachel and Ross, and then Monica and Chandler, most of us did not hold laughter when Phoebe performed her immortal hit ‘Smelly cat’ and followed Joey’s ups and downs in acting career. Anyway, most of us know what ‘Friends’ is. But the Netflix watchers noticed that the story loved by millions is discriminatory. Ross berates his son Ben for playing with a Barbie doll and assumes that the male nanny hired by Rachel is gay, Chandler misgendered his trans parent saying it made him feel physically sick when he saw his ‘father’. However, many older fans are arguing that in the 90’s the conversation around homophobia and transphobia was not as prominent – and big American sitcoms like Friends could get away with the plots now considered less than sophisticated. And Ross was homophobic because his wife Carol once left him for a woman, it is just personal. Netflix still shows ‘Friends’ and whether to feel anger or sweet nostalgy of it, it is up to the watchers.


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