Labour equalities chief: ‘Don’t make a big fuss’ about trans rights


Dawn Butler, Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Women and Equalities, made the comments in an interview with This House magazine, saying that if one of her workers comes to her and says that she is a woman named Jane even though she once knew the same person as James, it’s okay, no proofs are needed. “I would just accept where he is and his journey or where she is and her journey and that she is being her true authentic self,” she said. The politician admits that trans rights is a complicated problem, but she personally is 100% in favor of trans equality. “I don’t really care how people want to live their lives, if they are not hurting anyone then equality is equality and you should fight for somebody else’s rights as strongly as you fight for your own because that is how we get true equality. For me I want people to be their true authentic self whatever that may be,” she concluded.


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