Labour party faces backlash from TEF


The UK’s Labour Party uses women-only shortlists in a number of constituencies in a bid to boost the number of female MPs in Parliament. Under the system, some local Labour Parties are required to pick a Parliamentary candidate from a list exclusively comprised of women. The system includes trans women too, and the anti-trans feminists are, mildly speaking, not excited about it. There are currently zero openly transgender MPs in Parliament, though several ran for election in 2017 and some of them serve on the local level. But her comments have led to a barrage of abuse from anti-transgender campaigners on social media, with messages branding her a “rat” and calling for her deselection saying that if women-only shortlists include those who were not born biologically female then it is pointless and regressive. But trans women are already competing for seats under long-standing Labour policy and they are supported by locals.


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