Trans student receives $800k payout from the school that banned him from male bathrooms


The ruling comes after the Kenosha Unified School Board voted to drop the appeal, which would have been heard in the Supreme Court, ruling to pay out $800,000 of compensation to the transgender boy. Ron Stadler, the attorney for the school district, said that the decision to drop the case was financially motivated and transgender rights were not an issue, but it has create a legal precedent top solve similar conflicts in future. Stadler added that he believed the discriminatory policies held by the school “have an excellent argument”. He said: “If you look at it in terms that you’ve got these escalating costs, you’ve got a good argument, but not an absolute argument. The attorneys’ fees drive it.” The policies that Stadler referred to included forcing Whitaker and other trans students to wear bright green wristbands to show that they are trans in order to avoid being banned from bathrooms.


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