LGBT-inclusive churches have bigger congregations


A new report has found churches that embrace same-sex weddings have seen a better reputation in people’s eyes and as a consequence a grow of attendance.Just 182 of more than 40,000 churches in the UK hold same-sex marriages. “As one Unitarian church reported, the commitment to same-sex marriage ‘gives us something distinctive to promote’,” said the report. Unitarian churches, which number about 170 in the UK, have the highest number of LGBT acceptance among other British churches. 44% of Unitarian churches are blessing same-sex relationships. The churches have found projecting a more liberal set of attitudes has seen worshippers feel more comfortable in the church and more likely to attend the same church again.Derek McAuley, chief officer of the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches, told The Telegraph: “We have seen people join and become active in several local congregations as a direct result of our welcoming stance on same sex marriage.”


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