Man robbed at gunpoint trying to find love on Grindr


Two men have been arrested in Florida after using a hook-up app to rob people’s houses. Royquez Darrell Deloach, 19, and Taborice Lee Foster, 21, were arrested by Panama City Police Department in connection with the incident.  They allegedly robbed a man whom they asked out via Grindr using a fake profile.Officers wrote: “The victim arrived and was attacked from behind by [Deloach] with a black and green handgun while [Foster] was searching the victim’s pockets. The victim’s wallet was ultimately taken by [Foster].” Deloach and Foster were later arrested on charges including armed robbery and taken to the Bay County Jail. They both admitted guilt of armed robbery. Deloach, who was also wanted on a burglary charge, is being hold on a combined bond of $65,000. Foster is being held on a $55,000 bond on charges of armed robbery and unlawful use of a communication device.


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