Rodrigo Alves became the first man in the world to have 4 ribs removed


The plastic surgery enthusiast has undergone one more operation. He now says he is in “excruciating pain” after doctors performed the surgery, which had never been tried on men before Alves. The 34-year-old originally wanted to have six ribs removed to drop his wasitline from 34 inches down to just 26 inches, but the doctors refused to do it because the risk for Rodrigo’s health was too high. But the Human Ken Doll insisted that he wanted his ribs to be removed as he was strongly dissatisfied with his physique. So the doctors offered him a compromise – to remove 4 ribs instead of 6. The social media star underwent the groundbreaking operation – his 60th to date – at the Los Angeles clinic of Dr Michael K. Obeng. Dr. Obeng even live streamed the “experience” on Instagram so fans could watch as the Ken Doll’s body was cut open. A source told The Sun: “He is the only man in the world to have this operation. He’s able to stand up or lie down but he’s in excruciating pain. He feels like he’s been run over by a truck and is on very strong medication.”


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