Donald Trump refuses to volunteer on Martin Luther King Jr Day, Americans are furious


The former President of the USA volunteered on Martin Luther King Jr Day, the current one preferred to go golfing instead. George W. Bush and Bill Clinton also celebrated the civil rights activism of Martin Luther King-Jr by helping the local community, so it is a long-term tradition Mr. Trump decided to disobey. Clinton helped in the renovation of a senior health centre and painted the walls of a high school in the capital. Bush invited African-American clergy to the White House, went to religious services which honoured King, and also painted a high school. Obama and his family volunteered, working at everywhere from a soup kitchen to a family shelter. And now all Americans are surprised that the only person Donald Trump paid attention to that day was himself. For the third day in a row, the President hit a small ball around one of his own private courses, the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach. He did not take part in any public events related to the holiday and the White House spokesperson refused to explain why.


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