Fortnum & Mason launches Biblical biscuits with gay couples


“It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” is often the mantra of anti-LGBT Christians across the world, but the department store launching the biscuit collection based on the Biblical story of the Garden of Eden though that it might be Adam and Steve too. Moreover, it might be Naimh (pronounced Neve) and Eve as well. The world-famous department store, which holds a royal warrant as a supplier of goods to the royal family, started selling a £15 circular biscuit tin this week based on the Book of Genesis, but they made the original story more diverse. “Three cheers to Fortnums and their Valentines biscuits – they’ve worked out what we’ve known all along, that love is love, and that God has blessed loving and committed relationships since the beginning of time,” Tracey Byrne of OneBodyOneFaith shares, “If Adam, Eve, Niamh and Steve want to pop round. we’ll have the kettle on in celebration of love, justice and the restorative effects of a good cuppa.” Fortnum & Mason did not immediately respond to request for comment, but said in a pre-prepared statement: “Whether by grand gift or intimate gesture, Valentine’s Day is the year’s best chance to sweep a loved one off their feet.


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