New Mormon leader is sure that God loves gays


Russell M. Nelson, 93, was appointed head of the 16-million member church after the previous president, Thomas S Monson died age 90.  He said that his religion is 100% pro-LGBT, as God loves everybody unconditionally and makes no exceptions because of sexuality or any other personal feature, even though the church is not ready yet to officially bless same-sex unions, but church is God’s home and there is a space for each and every one of His beloved kids. One of his chosen counsellors, Dallin H. Oaks added: “We’ve got the love of the Lord and the law of the Lord.” Mr Nelson, a former heart surgeon, also told reporters he wanted to stick to the “traditional teachings” of Mormonism. A rift has grown in the church over the issue of same-sex marriage in recent years, which caused a massive congregation decrease.


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