Study claiming AIs can find out sexuality by face shape is challenged


Research at Stanford University last year found that human faces have subtle differences which can denote sexuality, intellect and even beliefs. Experts Michal Kosinski and Yilun Wang claimed that intimate traits in a face can be picked up by machine even in those cases when they are not noticeable for humans. But a second look at the study by researchers at Google suggested that there is simply a difference in how straight, gay or bi people take selfies. Margaret Mitchell and Blaise Aguera y Arcas from Google, and Alex Todorov from Princeton claimed: “Heterosexual men tend to take selfies from slightly below, which will have the apparent effect of enlarging the chin, shortening the nose, shrinking the forehead, and attenuating the smile. This [angle] emphasises dominance -  or, perhaps more benignly, an expectation that the viewer will be shorter. “On the other hand, as a wedding photographer notes in her blog, ‘when you shoot from above, your eyes look bigger, which is generally attractive  – especially for women.”


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