A Quaker Hall in the UK is to host a transphobic hate group


Women’s Place UK will be hosting an event at Manchester Quaker Meeting Hall this evening. The organization is known for its strong, radical opposition of transgender rights and denying that transgender women are women. The TERF group will discuss the Gender Recognition Bill at their event, A Woman’s Place Is Under Threat, asking people to speak in support of the gender recognition act which allow trans people to be recognized by their true gender without medical confirmation.The group have also worked with TransgenderTrend (@transgendertrd), who describe themselves as “a group of UK parents who are concerned about the current trend to diagnose ‘gender non-conforming’ children as transgender.” Chief Executive Office Sarah Donaldson, has said that the Meeting Hall will run the event, stating that “that the group are hosting a debate concerning changes to the Gender Recognition Act and is not campaigning against trans people in general”. Quakers as a whole are considered to be in favor of the LGBT rights. 


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