School faces abuse for a rainbow flag


A school in Oregon was barraged with abuse after a right-wing radio host accused them of replacing the USA flag with the rainbow one, which was totally untrue. Banks High School claim under fire after a caller on right-wing talk host Lars Larson’s radio show caller complained: “Our son is a junior at Banks High School. He informed us this week that he has two teachers in his school that have taken down the American flag and replaced it with a gay flag.” In respond the host started accusing the teaching staff saying that the teachers behind the initiative were gay themselves. While there was indeed a rainbow flag put up at the school, it was by a student, not a teacher , and it rose up beside the USA flag, not instead of it.Jeff Leo, the superintendent of the Banks School District in Washington County, put out a release challenging the coverage. “No United States flag has been removed from any classroom at Banks High School over the course of the school year. In fact, the Banks School District has policies requiring a United States flag in every classroom. It is true that a few teachers have chosen to display LGBTQ flags in their classrooms. These flags have not replaced any United States flags, and are intended as a symbol of support for LGBTQ students. At Banks School District, it is our goal to create an environment where all students feel welcome, safe, and supported,” Mr. Leo recalled.


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