Kevin Spacey is now under three police investigations


The police are now investigating three allegations of sexual assault made against the scandalous ‘House of Cards’ actor who gained a terrible reputation due to dozens of sex scandals with men some of whom is underage. Two legal investigations were previously launched against Spacey. Met Police made another statement, announcing a third investigation. “On 13 December we received an allegation that the man sexually assaulted a man (Victim 3) in 2005 in Westminster,” the police said. The Old Vic said a “cult of personality” existed around Spacey during his nine years as director from 2003 onwards, adding that his status an authority was a key obstacle that did not allow his victims, who are much less successful, rich and famous, from speaking out. Eight people have claimed that Spacey sexually harassed House of Cards employees during his time on the set, including one who he allegedly sexually assaulted. Alleged victim, Daniel Beal said that Spacey showed him his penis in public when he was 19, before giving him his £5,000 watch to buy his silence. “He said: ‘It’s big, isn’t it?’ He leaned over and tried to pull my hand towards it,” Beal told The Sun. The man, who was a teenager at the time, said Spacey’s behaviour during that weekend was “either very stupid or predatory – or maybe a little of both.”


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