Queer Eye for the Straight Guy first trailer out


The original early 2000s American reality TV show was based on stereotypes about gay men that exist in modern society but are often untrue. In part it is believed that gay men are more in tune with matters of fashion, culture, food, interior design, and grooming. And there are experts which are going to check it in each category. Every episode, a heterosexual man was taken under the wing of the fab five, who would educate them on their expert areas with the aim of improving their look, and therefore their lives. The new edition of the show is to explore Atlanta, Georgia. It shares the same structure as the original show but with a new, socially conscious agenda that will explore the advances – and setbacks – of the LGBT community fighting for tolerance and representing social matters. The trailer suggests that when the series starts on February 7, it will be as fun as it is heartfelt, as these men try and educate their heterosexual counterparts.


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