UK government refuses to make a decision about Bermuda same-sex marriage ban


Bermuda’s decision to ban same-sex marriage only a few months after legalizing it could be blocked by the British government but the governor refuses to say whether it is planned to block it or not. Commonwealth Minister Lord Ahmad says that he personally believes that marriage equality is a human right but there are doubts on whether the governor, who acts on behalf of the government and the Queen, would be ready to divide such a viewpoint, so the future of the ban remains uncertain. The parliamentary dependancy voted to replace marriage with civil partnerships late last year. Questioned by Labour MP Chris Bryant, the minister said: “It is of deep concern to us that we have positive traction with Bermuda, and that is an issue that I raised directly with the Premier when I met him just after the JMC. They know of our deep concern in that respect. I don’t know if your subsequent question will be about whether we will impose something on Bermuda, but we are clear on where we stand on the issue of same-sex marriage: it is a human right of any individual. That point has been made in no uncertain terms to the Premier, and he is aware of the British Government’s position on that.” Governors sign laws on behalf of the Queen in country’s where she is officially a leader and the governmental rulings are obligatory to implement.


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