UKIP politician says gays are to blame for crimes and violence


A UKIP councillor has said that there would have been no drugs, murders and violence in the country if same-sex marriages were banned. Tom Aldridge, a UKIP councillor for the Lyngford ward in Somerset, south-west England, made such a controversial statement last week during a public meeting. Marriage equality exists in the UK for a little bit more than 4 years,
but the 87-year-old politician believes that it is a source of all troubles in the country. “It’s probably not a very popular observation, but it’s simply this: that long-term, if we could get back to marriages being the sort of standard, and I’m talking about heterosexual marriage as the standard, throughout the country, as it was say 50 years ago, most of these social behavior and drug problems and all the rest of them would just disappear,” he said, and even being called out did not make him deviate from such a viewpoint. During the interview following the meeting Aldridge continued to insist that the society had been more cohesive when marriage was limited to opposite-sex couples. He was then questioned over whether same-sex marriages could serve the same effect on society, in his opinion, as heterosexual marriages. “How can it?” he responded. “It’s about reproducing.” Firstly, to call having children ‘reproducing’ is almost the same as linking people to animals. Secondly, there are same-sex couples that do have children and opposite-sex couples that have chosen not to. And finally, marriage is not about reproducing, Marriage is about sharing. Sharing your home, your heart, your soul, your secret dreams and every single day of your life with the one you love. And if there are people who don’t understand it, we are just sorry for them.


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