Overwatch pro league player suspended for anti-gay slurs


Felix Lengyel, known as xQx, who plays for the Dallas Fuel team, was fined $2,000 and suspended for at least 4 matches. The league ban and suspension by Dallas Fuel did not specifically reference the slur which Lengyel made against an openly gay fellow player Austin Wilmot, known as Muma, after a game last week.Blizzard, which owns and manages Overwatch League, announced the ban on Friday evening, saying that it “takes standard of player behavior seriously, whether during league play or otherwise.” Audiences of the professional online multiplayer game in Australia and New Zealand were targeted by ads which called the surge in children seeking gender treatment “a disaster”. They also linked Safe Schools – an LGBT anti-bullying campaign that has been repeatedly attacked by homophobes – to paedophilia. More than 10 million people watched games in the team-based first-person shooter league in its first week, according to reports.


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