Trolls target trans people by donating to anti-trans fundraiser on their behalf


Trolls are donated money to an anti-transgender fundraiser on GoFundMe using the names of famous members of the trans community. For more than a decade the UK’s Labour Party has employed all-women shortlists in some constituencies in a bid to boost the number of female MPs in Parliament – by forcing local Labour Parties to pick a candidate from a list of women. A row blew up this month as anti-trans feminists demanded the trans women to be out of women-only shortlists. There are zero openly transgender MPs in Parliament, but the campaigners raised more than £15,000 to pursue legal action against the party, claiming that trans women are pushing cis women out when it comes to female-only spaces. The fundraiser, hosted on campaign website GoFundMe, has come in for criticism after people started donating large amounts of money, falsely using the names of well-known transgender people – Paris Lees, Jack Monroe, Shon Fay and others. Monroe promised to launch a legal action if the conflict is not solved.


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