Ja Rule calls 50 Cent ‘power bottom’


Ja Rule has sparked anger by using a homophobic slur to attack his older colleague in respond to his threatens to knock him out. After calling him “pussy” a couple of times, the Always On Time singer tweeted: “Fun hip hop FACT: @50cent has a #ticklebooty 😂🤣😭”. Going on he fumed “that’s his name call him it to his FACE he ain’t gonna do SHIT… and if he does sue him like he did me”. “D*ck riding is NOT a form of transportation… it’s getting you nowhere!!!” he fumed later. “Nah what’s funny is @50cent let’s women and MEN play with his butthole… that’s kinda funny 😂🤣😭,” another tweet reads. “Some of you are waaay [too] invested in this corny 100 year old beef lol… f***in weirdos!!! This s*** is fun and games for me… IM RICH BITCH!!! 😂🤣😭,” he told his followers. Rule then targeted Jackson’s fans, writing: “Haha i got you #ticklebootybandits maaad lmao that’s what I call @50cent Stan’s grown men coming on my page with another mans dick in they mouth your wives/girlfriends must be proud… 😩😂🤣”.


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