Locations from Disney movies for gay dads and their kids


What is your favorite Disney film? You may say that you are too old to watch them, but deep inside our minds we all don’t want to grow up, like Peter Pan (who lived in Neverland, depicted in the cartoon quite similar to London. The Darlings’ home in well-heeled Kensington, for example, and the clock face of Big Ben himself, the most recognizable structure in the Houses of Parliament) and if we have children then we are able not to hide our inner kids, so let’s travel across the locations which served as inspiration for Disney films!

Didn’t you know that the Sleeping Beauty’s castle (yes, that one which we see on the Disney logo?) exists in real life and is located in Bavaria? Neuschwanstein Castle was built in 1869 for Ludwig II, the king of Bavaria, who is believed to have been gay. Bavarian villages and castles are all very beautiful and they look like a cartoon that turned into reality.

Merida from Brave with her ginger hair looks like a real Scottish, so no wonder that views around her in the animated film were depicting Highlands. So if you want some adventures and breathtaking mountain views – that’s where you should go.

Tiana from Princess and a Frog, though her story was originally invented by Germans, as well as Sleeping Beauty (whose story was rewritten by Frenchmen), was moved somewhere you might never expect to see the fairy princess – in the capital of jazz, New Orleans. The movie perfectly captures the heady buzz of the city’s historic French Quarter, as well as the putrid beauty of the neighboring Wetlands, where alligators rule the roost.

Esmeralda and Quasimodo were not removed from the place where they were originally ‘born’. The plotline moves around the Notre Damme de Paris cathedral (and Victor Hugo’s classic novel of the same name), so there is no need to reinvent something new. It is classic – to see Paris and… say ‘wow!’

Frozen’s Kingdom of Arendelle is a snowy country inspired by Norway with its mountains, caves, glaziers and waterfalls. It is perfect equally for those who prefer an extreme vacation and for those who want to sit quietly, admire the views and…. just let it go!


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