London’s biggest gay nightclub is evacuated due to gas leak


London’s largest gay nightclub Heaven was evacuated in the early hours of Tuesday morning following the reports about gas leak in the city center. Over 1000 revellers were evacuated from the venue at 3am after a leak was discovered in a nearby street.  Several hundred people were also evacuated from a local hotel. One witness described the “fear” immediately after the evacuation as club-goers and hotel customers had no idea what was going on. “In the first few minutes whilst the cordon was being established people where definitely in fear as they weren’t sure what was going on or whether an explosion had taken place,” said the witness to the Evening Standard. However, the owner of Heaven disagreed with reports that the evacuation was a panicked one, saying people got out calmly and slowly, they were even able to take their coats. “I just want to say a massive thank you to the Fire Brigade and Met Police. They were amazing. It’s not easy when you’re evacuating. People get nervous because of things that have previously happened in London. I don’t think people credit the emergency services enough. And a special thank you has to go to those who left calmly and made the evacuation as easy as possible,” the owner says.


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