Trans director nominated for Oscar

Strong Island

Yance Ford has become the first transgender director to earn an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary Feature telling a story of his brother William who was shot to death in 1992, aged 24, by a white man,so it apparently was a racist hate crime that has never gone to trial.Ford’s debut film, which was produced by Netflix, features interviews with his family and shows the impact of the death of William, he worked on it for 10 years. Ford makes a point to not give his brother’s killer any space in the film. The film addresses the fear of black people that is still prevalent America today. The trailer’s tagline is: “The police had turned my brother into the prime suspect in his own murder.”After receiving his nomination, Ford told Entertainment Weekly: “I think that everybody out there should know that there is a generation of trans directors who are coming for their Oscars.
So this might be the first, but it certainly won’t be the last.” The very exciting thing for me when I think about history is that this film is a correction to the historical record of my brother’s life,” Ford continued.


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