Trans footballer was left homeless and unemployed after being banned from playing


In October last year, Hannah Mouncey was told she was not allowed to play professionally in Australia’s football league for women because of her transgender status and a few months later she opens up about how this decision spoiled her life forever and ever. Mouncey had been living in Canberra and playing in the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) league while planning a move to Melbourne to develop her career but she was not given such a chance and now she has no place to stay, Star Observer reports.
Mouncey tells me the trouble with the league and its impact on her life have been a tremendous stress and that fact that nobody wanted to employ her for a job because she is trans made a situation even worse. ‘The AFL doesn’t consider the effects of their decision, especially at such a late stage. Had I known… I would have found somewhere to live in Canberra while I still had a job,’ the woman says. Hince AFL is allegedly planning to reconsider its policy concerning transgender players, for her it is already too late, so she tries herself in a completely new field. Mouncey has just launched her new e-book, Valkyrja. It tells the story of her journey from a sport-obsessed childhood to her sporting career and gender transition in her mid-20s. She hopes her book will help people better understand trans experiences, whether they are cis or trans themselves.


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