Facebook trustworthiness survey is revealed and there are just two questions


The two-question questionnaire will be disseminated to selected Facebook users who will have the potential to rank whether they believe a certain publication to be worth people’s trust or not. If they vote in favor of a particular publication as a trustworthy one, then there will be more chances for it to be visible. The new rule, which was announced by Mark Zuckerberg in a Facebook post, has caused concern that vulnerable groups and publications affecting those groups which are targeted in social media in the negative meaning of this word, in part LGBT people, and as a consequence these groups’ visibility would be limited. There are only 2 questions Facebook is going to ask their audience – ‘Do you recognize the following websites?’ and ‘How much do you trust each of these domains?’. The variants for the last one will be ‘Entirely’, ‘A lot’, ‘Somewhat’, ‘Barely’, ‘Not at all’. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed to Buzzfeed this as the only version of the survey in use. The questions were prepared by the company itself and not by an outside party, raising questions about whether the company have sought the appropriate expertise before implementing the survey and its results.


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