Sir Elton John believes it is wrong to drop actors from TV amid sexual assault allegations


Sir Elton John has spoken out about the recent wave of sexual abuse allegations in an interview in which he announced that he is saying goodbye to the abroad fans and stops performing outside the UK. Being asked about #MeToo campaign Sir Elton replied quite unexpectedly. “We live in a funny time, a disturbing time at the moment, when people are accusing people of doing this and that… it’s all happening because of Harvey Weinstein and quite rightly so,” Sir Elton said, adding that if people are accused of sexual assault, then they should be trialed, and if they are not, then no need to cause all this resonance, though he believes the movement itself to be a good idea.“I think the great thing about women’s empowerment is the wage gap, as well – that is a big thing, and it’s happening in England a lot, people are saying, I’m only getting paid this, and he’s getting paid that. I think women have had it bad for a long time, and they’re trying to sort it out and make it better for themselves,” Sir Elton recalled.


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