There could be 8 more countries recognizing homosexuality after just one court ruling


Gay sex could be about to be legalised in eight Caribbean countries thanking to an effort from the Trinidad-born gay campaigner Jason Jones who is currently demanding his country to cancel the law according to which same-sex relationships are considered a crime. If he succeeds, it will make gay sex legal in Antigua, Barbados, Grenada, Jamaica, Saint Kitts, Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent. As it currently stands, men convicted of penetrative sex with another man can be imprisoned for 25 years, while any other gay or lesbian sexual acts are punished by up to 5 years behind bars. Jones expects a decision to be returned a few weeks after the hearing, which is set for next week, on January 30. “There are around 100,000 LGBT people on my islands, all living with the threat of criminal law hanging over them. We inherited these laws from Britain, but my own Government extended the law from only gay men to include lesbians as well after we gained our independence,” he said.


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