TRans people spoke about their pets reacting on them transitioning


Answering the question on Reddit, a trans teen from the Bay Area joked that their snail immediately died seeing the owner’s new self, but it was not the worst reaction they ever dealt with. A trans woman who owns a chihuahua added that her dog always liked women, so having a female owner made it much kinder and less aggressive. A trans male cat owner laughed that as he tried to change his voice to speak more ‘masculine’, so did his fluffy friend, meowing at him in lower register. For one trans guy who transitioned and moved country at the same time, he feared what his pets would think of him when he returned. ‘My voice dropped, the whole lot, and my dog still recognized me even after long periods of time. My cat also didn’t bat an eyelid.’ Another trans woman said her cat apparently believes his owner left him and here is a new kind lady who loves him and he needs to be sweet with her. One trans woman was taking hormones years before she socially transitioned, and it turns out a dog noticed before her other friends. ‘I started taking estrogen a couple years before I socially transitioned,’ she said. ‘A friends’ dog that humps only women went after me too, and it became a big joke about it until I explained what happened after transitioning.’


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