Bombay Times refuse to interview LGBT people who did not look ‘gay enough’


Suknidh Kaur, who was interviewed by the Bombay Times, was asked to a photoshoot for the publication alongside six LGBT interviewees attached to the article about cancelling the Article 377, the Colonial era law in India according to which homosexuality is considered a crime. The interviewees were minutes into the shoot when they were instructed to “go home and come back tomorrow” as “the queer people present were not dressed appropriately,” alleged the activist. Sharing her experiences on Twitter, Kaur said that the group decided to walk out after the received the offensive marks from the photographers. The activist also said that the publication insisted gay men to cross-dress and lesbian women to get rid of any signs of their femininity. Suknidh declined to name the people responsible in the hope that they would “learn” from the experience. In spite of the outcry, Bombay Times have not reached out to apologise to any of the participants. However, several Twitter users have spoke out in support and frustration about the treatment of the interviewees.


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