LGBT Australians demanded to change the national day’s date


January 26 is officially Australia Day, the national holiday where everyone gets a day off to celebrate being Australian.The date was chosen because it was the date that British explorers landed in Botany Bay and began the colonization of the continent, so for aborigines there was nothing to celebrate – their lands were taken, their properties were stolen, their people were killed. So every year on January 26 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people rally to mark the day some call Invasion Day or Survival Day, so there are debates about changing a date of the national holiday in the country. Today was one of the biggest rallies the country has ever seen with ten of thousands of people joining Indigenous people in their march in Australia’s major cities. In some cities the Invasion/Survival Day rallies far outnumbered official Australia Day celebrations, including in Melbourne where more than 60,000 people marched. Many of the protesters were LGBT and that is how they thanked the native peoples for supporting marriage equality before it was officially recognized in November.


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