Russia recognized gay couple’s marriage for the first time ever


Eugene Wojciechowski and Pavel Stotsko tied the knot on January 4 in Copenhagen, Denmark, in matching bow-ties.  And when they came back to their homeland Russia, which is known as a country with an extremely low LGBT rights records, they did not even believe that their marriage would be recognized there, but miracles happen. To their shock and delight, a government employee in Moscow stamped their passports with official confirmation of the marriage which took no more than a few minutes. Wojciechowski and Stotsko, speaking to independent Russian channel TV Rain, said that the staff member drew up the documents to validate their marriage with no comments or questions. According to Russian law, weddings conducted abroad are legitimate if there is nothing “preventing the conclusion of marriage specified in Article 14 of the Family Code.” It states that marriages cannot be approved if they are between close relatives or adoptive parents and adopted children, or if one spouse is already married or unable to make a decision for themselves because they are severely mentally ill, but there is no single word about same-sex couples, so the two decided to try to use this gap in the law and succeeded.


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