Elton John spoke about his late mom and the role she played in his life


Sheila Farebrother died age 92 in December, just months after the mother and son finally made up after a long-term quarrel. “She wasn’t talking to her sister and in the end everyone was talking to each other. I saw her a week before she died and thought, ‘God, she’s pretty feisty, she’s going to last for a few months’. A week later she was dead. It really shook me,” the singer told The Sun, “We had a beautiful private ceremony for her in the chapel at Woodside — where my grandmother died, where her ashes are scattered. It was just family and there was a cremation the next day. I wanted to have a private ceremony, and it was a beautiful religious ceremony. I sang, and I did a eulogy, and it was a lovely farewell. It was lovely that we did reconcile because otherwise . . . life’s too short,” Sir Elton said describing the last goodbye to his mom, “Having the service in the family chapel and attended by your brother and sister brought us all comfort. Having the service where Nan lived out her final days brought you and your Mother back together again”.


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