‘Imagine dragons’ vocalist starred in a film about LGBT Moermons


Dan Reynolds from “imagine dragons’ starred in a new documentary ‘Believer’ (just like the band’s iconic song)
and it is focused on Mormon youth fighting for acceptance of LGBT in their church. Reynolds himself is a Mormon and he is pro-LGBT, so he feels it is necessary to change the attitude of the church leaders to the LGBT people who want to be a part of their congregation. In fact, God loves everyone. “This isn’t just pointing a finger at Mormonism, it’s pointing a finger at all of us,” Reynolds said, “It’s pointing a finger at myself, who has been a silent nobody for years.” The religion is not against gay people in general, but its rules insist that such people should stay celibate and they have no right to marry. There is no single line in the Bible that it is sinful for men to love men and for women to love women, so there is no reason to ban them fom the church and label Reynolds believes it is definitely not enough. 16 million of Mormons deserve knowing that love is amazing in all shapes.


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