Tunisian police violently break up protest against anti-gay law in the country


Police in Tunisia have disrupted a protest around the country’s anti-LGBT laws. Demonstrators said police officers arrived in plain clothing to break up the demonstration and some people state that the attempts to remove them from the scene were rude and violent.The protest, outside the tourism ministry, had been banned by the interior ministry of the country. Organisers said they were told that the demonstration could not go ahead “for their own safety”. It had been called to protest “the criminalisation of sexual freedom and discrimination against women”, and Tunisia’s “retrograde” laws. A spokesperson for the interior ministry, Khalifa Chibani, said they were only trying to protect the protesters from possibly being targeted. The protest went ahead anyway after being organised by the Association of Free Thinkers and supported by other groups which believe that gay love is not a crime and it should not be treated as one.


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