12 trans women were arrested and had their heads shaven to ‘become men again’


The raid was called “operasi penyakit masyarakat,” which translates as “community sickness operation”. The point of it was to shave trans women’s heads and to dress them in stereotypical male clothes in order to ‘make them men’. North Aceh Regency Police Chief Ahmad Untung Surianata said the 12 trans detainees had been taken to police headquarters, where they would be coached “until they really become men.” He added that the trans people had had their heads shaved, made to dress in what the police considered men’s clothes, and forced into a series of demeaning exercises like chanting loudly until their voices become male.The police chief added that the operation was carried out to stop an increase in LGBT people in Aceh, which he said would be dangerous for the next generation of Indonesians.


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