Gay Lithuanians ask a robot to marry them because people are unable to


In a bid to provide an early celebration of the country’s centenary on February 16, as well as to promote the rights of LGBT people in the country where same-sex marriages are not officially recognized, so there will be artificial ceremonies held by and android. While the rest of us may associate robots with fear, wonderment and just plain confusion, the chairman of the Tolerant Youth Association hopes that the robots will remind people of “bureaucracy” and it will inspire people to be more supportive and emphatic to their LGBT compatriots. Lithuania has lagged behind on equality, with no legal recognition for same-sex couples, no gender recognition for transgender people, a ban on same-sex adoption, and generally negative social attitudes to LGBT people and issues. A survey carried out in October 2016 that 11 percent of Lithuanians would support same-sex partnership and seven percent would favour the idea of legalizing same-sex marriages.


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