Lesbian prisoners are banned from sharing cells with girlfriends


A prison has banned lesbian inmates from sharing cells with one another to make them unable to have sex. The news comes from HMP Peterborough in Cambrigeshire, a privately-run prison that houses 400 female inmates in its closed women’s facility.  A report published last week by HM Chief Inspector of Prisoners makes public the regulations at the prison, which is run by French facilities management company Sodexo and related to prisoners in sam-sex relationships.“A managing relationships policy set out guidelines for women in relationships, outlining what was acceptable and what was not. Women in relationships could apply to be in the same unit but not in the same cell,” the ruling reads, without explaining how it is actually going to be enforced. According to data collected via prisoner interviews, six percent of women at the prison are lesbians, while a further 11 percent are bisexual. The report also notes that “there was too little literature of specific interest to gay, bisexual or transgender women” in the library. However, the inspectors found that “gay and bisexual women were managed appropriately.”


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