Megan Mullally was unaware that her longtime celebrity friend was a lesbian


When the Will & Grace actress met TV presenter Ellen DeGeneres 3 decades ago she had no idea she was a lesbian. Her attitude to Ellen was formed by the way the TV diva treated her apparent roommate. The girls were so sweet with each other that Mullally thought that Ellen was a person who loves everyone and can easily find a common language with any person. And it took years for her to realize that even though Ellen indeed is one of the kindest and communicative people she has ever known, she never had any roommates. And being sweet with another girl in her flat meant only that they loved each other. ‘I have a terrible time finding a roommate and Ellen’s finding them [snaps fingers] just like that.’ Mullally rolled her eyes at how naive she was back then and couldn’t work out why Ellen and her ‘roommates’ were always laughing at her. Turns out they were also laughing at her naivety. ‘I remember you’d be, like, cracking up,’ Mullally said. ‘And I’d be like, “Why are they laughing at me?”‘ ‘Really, you didn’t realize I was gay,’ Ellen asked Mullally.‘I did not, no,’ the actress replied.


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