Tennis player was allegedly rejected because of being trans


Olympic tennis player has told of his “isolation” after he was allegedly rejected from playing in the Special Olympics because of his gender identity. Zach Brookes had hoped to play tennis during the tournament for sportspeople with disabilities and additional needs, which will take place in 2019 in Dubai. But the man was told he was unable to play because of being trans. In a heartfelt video criticising the Special Olympics Board’s move, Brookes said that he has shared his story hoping to get a little bit of relief after all this pain. “I had doubts about doing this video in case people came and criticised me,” said Brookes. “But it has to be said because I don’t want this pain… all I want is to stand up for myself, for being a trans man and being autistic .All my life I have been isolated for being transgender… since I came out, I nearly quit the sport I was doing in case they didn’t accept my real gender identity.”


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