Czech Republic is going to hit the Eurovision stage with a rather controversial song


22-year-old singer Mikolas Josef will represent the Czech Republic with the song Lie to Me, written by himself,
but the point is that there is a lot to be censored in this song! The song has ruffled some people’s collars on social media – especially given the contest’s usual family-friendly rating, though the word f**k was mentioned there 3 times! Previous Eurovision songs have been forced to change their lyrics to remove adult content – Sweden’s 2017 entry ‘I Can’t Go On’ by Robin Bengtsson who was forced to sing ‘freaking beautiful’ instead of ‘f**king beautiful’ . But the key word there was ‘beautiful’ anyway and the song did not suffer much. But Josef’s entry would probably require more extensive re-writes if it’s going to be made suitable for a family-friendly audience, it has to be totally transformed. The 63rd Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Lisbon, Portugal in May this year. The Czech Republic will take part in the first semi-final on May 8, before the Grand Final on May 12.


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