Politician became Muslim because his church started supporting LGBT


A far-right political activist in Germany preferred Islam because Christians are too LGBT-supportive. Arthur Wagner had been a key state legislative committee member for the hardline Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party in the German state of Brandenburg. But now he leaves the party because its political line is against Muslim people which goes contrary his new faith. In an interview with the Bild newspaper today, he said he was motivated to convert due to Christianity’s growing acceptance of same-sex unions, and the participation of pastors at LGBT Pride events but it does not reflect his values. Wagner says he converted to Islam after meeting Muslims on a trip to Russia, and finding them to be the community he wanted to belong to. His new name is Ahmad. Although he voluntarily quit his leadership role in the AfD, Wagner remains a party member. The party leadership has indicated that it will not expel him, although several local members have called on him to be kicked out.


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